Howdy, Space Cowboys and Cowgirls

What we have here–if you can see it (you can all see it, can’t you?) is my first website post. This serves as an intro to what I want to do here, which is, most importantly, stay in touch with all you friends out there. I’m going to try sticking to a schedule, but I am a husband and father with a full time job, so we’ll see how that flies. My guess is low to the ground, and sort of careening back and forth, with a lot of people staring wide-eyed and worried.

Essentially, I’ll post two types of things:

1. Reviews of all the literary and pop culture crap I consume. This includes movies, books, television, graphic novels, and maybe a video game here and there. Since my daughter was born, I haven’t been up on it with current releases. So, bear with me as I talk about some 2017 stuff here, as I’m most likely experiencing it late and on TV at home, as opposed to the theater. The goal is to reach 2018 film, literature, and such by 2019, which will prep us for reviews of 2019 stuff by early 2020, then finally early 2020 stuff by late 2021, followed by a year or two of backsliding. I’ll probably eventually prioritize “important” things to trick myself into thinking I’m  relevant.

2. Writing updates. In these posts I’ll share influences for projects I’m working on and news regarding publication of my work (as few and far between as that is at the current moment).

It’s good to have you here, friends. I hope I can give you a moment or two to take a break from your day, have a chuckle or a cry, and think about, uh, you know, deep stuff.

I’ll leave you with a quote by a master, and one that’s given me a lot to chew on as I’m working on my current project. More on that later as well.

Be good.

Do I dare, Disturb the universe? –T.S. Eliot


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