Pink Floyd Said it Best

I seem to only have enough time these days for poems. Life has a way of forcing you to live it. Between caring for family and paying the bills, there isn’t much left of me to go around. But that will change, like everything. I’m still plugging away at the novel. In fact, I’m hoping things settle down at work (the new schedule is wacky and intense) so I can figure where I’m going to get in the best time to work on writing stuff.

Some updates on what I’m watching/reading/playing, just for kicks.

  1. Walking Dead–I’m a season and half? behind on this show. Carl had that thing happen to him, so I’ve seen that. I’ve heard rumors of the “whispers,” but haven’t seen them in action yet. This show… you know, there was a pivotal moment for me when Rick, for some reason several seasons ago, fell on his knees all bloody in the road while trying to convince the leader of Alexandria at the time (I forget her name) that the town needed to defend itself. That was the end of the show for me. After that, I think this seasoned, believable group of survivors started making dumb decisions for the sake of the plot. Now, I watch just to see Negan get comeuppance.
  2. Attack on Titan–about halfway through season 1. Not bad. Above average, and definitely entertaining. Reminds me of Game of Thrones in some ways–fantasy setting, emerging politics, no character is safe. I’ve seen better anime, but I’ve definitely seen worse too. Jury’s still out, but there’s some intriguing concepts and all is definitely not as it seems in the conflict of humans vs. giant cannibals.
  3. True Detective–wife and I are up to date on the third season. I love this show. I even liked the much maligned 2nd season. Season 3 rides on Mahershala Ali, who was and definitely now is one my favorite actors. He has good interplay with Stephen Dorff–not Woody and McConaughey level, but still. While the case itself isn’t quite so mysterious or compelling this time around, and this season feels a little too similar to the first, I just love the mood and tone of his show so much. There’s not much else like it.
  4. Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr–first in the series. It’s awesome. Refreshing, believable protagonist. Just the right amount of tortured and tenacious, like all good detectives in the best crime series. But the locale really sets it apart. I’m right there in the wilderness with Anna, and I love it.
  5. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain–the third time I’ve started this game. It is rough. A ps1 cult classic, it has not aged well. But the story and voice work was ahead of its time, and something keeps compelling me to give it another go. The game tells the story of vampire Kain (the player) who returns from the dead to seek revenge on his murderers, then gets roped into a quest to set the world right. Third time’s the charm.

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on any of these things, if you’ve watched/read/played any of it, just to shoot shit.

Anyway, here’s more poetry:

Pink Floyd Said it Best

Co-hosting a talk show with you
In front of the bathroom mirror
Before you went to the same place
Nellie Bly did,
I knew Nellie
In 3rd grade.
But she faked it, and you didn’t.

the rats brought the plague
and the last gunslinger was shot in his car,
and those who didn't escape Cambodia were slaughtered
And we frittered and wasted
The infinite universe,
Raging matter condensing,
Burning stars dwarf and die and are born again
Frittered, and wasted

In an offhand way.

An existential crisis in Walgreens
Came in to get diapers,
The damn cards sabotaged me:
“Wife on her birthday”
But it’s February
so if I get one it’s gotta be a valentine.
Another one “for grandma”
But my grandma’s dead.
Hallmark doesn’t know some of these cards are for dead people.
My eye’s twitching, my face.
Get diapers. Jesus.
Pass the baby food.
I used to buy my daughter baby food.
God is that 
already done?
I miss it, suddenly, like a limb hacked off.
Bleeding in spurts,
She will keep leaving me, a little every year,
until I’m gone.

She’ll look at the Hallmark aisle,
One day
See one for dad and think “my dad’s dead.”
I hope not,

Not because I won’t be dead, 
I will be,
but when I am, I hope she’s happy 
I am stardust.

My love follows her forever,
because I will it so
And she never forgets who she is;

She shines in the infinite.
So, take that, darkness, and shove it.
Death ain't got nothing on love.

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