Happy new year gang. I hope the holidays treated you well. They’re still one of my favorite times of the year, despite the chaos and drama they have the potential to bring. I love seeing them through the eyes of my own child—let me tell you, that’s some next level nirvana right there.

I’m not much for resolutions. I think, if you’re going to do something, you either do it or you don’t. Maybe I sound jaded, but that’s only because I’ve broken countless New Year’s resolutions, and the most important habits I’ve started or stopped had nothing to do with swapping out a calendar. Okay, seriously I don’t mean to shit on your parade, if it’s new year new you then I believe in you.

Having said that, I am going to use 2020 as an opportunity to figure out what I want this website to be. Originally, I wanted to write about my favorite media consumption while I charted progress on my new novel. That was the site in a nutshell. And that’s still going to be the site, mostly. But I’m going to seamlessly integrate progress on my novel or any other work into updates on other stuff. Basically, if I’ve done major work or if something crazy happens, you’ll all be the first to know. But if I’m stalling (like I am now, because work is batshit insane and I’m exhausted) you won’t be hearing about the novel until I’ve got something worth telling you.

Here’s where we’re at:

I’m exactly 1/4 through writing the 2nd draft. It’s called Raise Up and Burn. I’m pulling together a lot of lose threads and cleaning up a lot of stuff. It’s slow going. Honestly, I’m looking forward to being done with it, not because I’ve fallen out of love with the project—in fact I’m still very much enjoying working on it and waiting to see its final shape—but I’m also damn excited to start my next project, which I sorta started and stopped because I want to follow through on Raise. See it done as it’s going to be before I dive into something else. I also can’t imagine where I’ll find writing time in the foreseeable future, and I swear I’ll tell you all why as that future draws closer in the best way possible.

On to the good stuff.

Tom King finished his run on Batman. What a spin on the character. King’s run is incredibly divisive, and it gets messy, but boy does it swing for the fences. I’m on board for the risks King takes, in fact I’ve never read a Batman run like King’s. To me that’s worth the journey right there. If you really wish, you can collect the run in trades, starting with vol 1. I Am Gotham.

I’m replaying Resident Evil ReMake and Resident Evil 0 and they are so. damn. good. These games are classic “survival horror,” meaning the whole deal is about managing scarce resources and limited ammunition. These games require patience, and the deliberate pacing enhances the breathtaking atmosphere. We’re talking gothic mansions, derelict laboratories, creepy cabins in the woods. The environments look beautiful, each meticulously rendered and focused into fixed camera angles. This technique was used since the environments were pre-rendered, and while it is definitely non-traditional as far as games go, it allows for cinematic shots rarely seen in video games. The storylines are B-movie cheese, which are a hell of a lot of fun, yet still don’t detract from the horror.

We watched Avengers Endgame. I liked Infinity War better. Also rewatched The Proposition (2005). The Australian western is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. You’ve got Guy Pearce at his haunted best, Ray Winston as conflicted captain trying to play both sides of the law, and a screenplay/soundtrack by the man Nick Cave himself. It is a BRUTAL movie, and not for the faint of heart, but it is also a heartbreaking story of family, and the blood spilled in the name of “civilizing” savage lands.

Hopefully more soon. Happy 2020. Until next time, friends, be good.

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