Q: Who occupies this residence? A: Evil

February! Let’s get this conversation going before this month steamrolls is all into March. I’ve been putting into practice this idea of drawing out each month for as long as I can. Having a wall calendar and filling it up with birthdays and appointments helps. I like the visualization and a nice picture for each month (I’m a landscape/weather person—the more the picture represents the month, the better).

If anything, I’ve discovered these updates hold me accountable for the work I put into writing projects. Which is currently zero. That’s okay, for now. I’m taking a break, getting ready for a new member of my family to arrive, and diving headfirst into the survival horror rabbit hole that is the Resident Evil video game franchise. The chronology of these games is convoluted, but I’m doing my very bestest to play each “canon” game in order. The series has a storied history filled with remakes and revamps, classic survival horror, action-oriented bang bang, melodrama, and cheesiness so beautiful it will bring you to tears. I love it. The basic story revolves around a set of characters dealing with a zombie virus outbreak. Each game mixes and matches the various central characters on their quest to escape zombie and BOW infested locations and ultimately take down the Evil pharmaceutical corporation Umbrella, who is responsible for the viral outbreak.

Resident Evil zombie goodness

We’ve also been watching Amazon’s The Boys. It’s some good stuff—a perfect remedy to the saturated superhero genre. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Marvel/DC, and I don’t think the movies or shows these studios put out are too tired. But the different take The Boys delivers is refreshing in an oh so twisted way. This is a dark and fairly messed up show. We’re a little over halfway through, and I’m digging the pacing. It’s based off a graphic novel by Garth Ennis (writer of Preacher, which had it’s own tv adaptation on AMC). I missed The Boys graphic novel, but the show essentially presents a group of heroes—think Justice League or Avengers—as overblown egocentric asshat celebrities. They’re not careful or considered, have no qualms about murder, and are only heroes in the eyes of an adoring public as a result of PR spin by Vought, their corporate employer. A rogue gang (the titular “boys”) set out to do the impossible and take down these heroes. Each member of the Boys has personal reasons for their suicide mission, some more admirable than others, but the moral compromises they make for the sake of their mission seek to corrupt them as much as the corrupted heroes they’re trying to take down and expose. Juicy.

The Boys. Photo credit: Jan Thijs, Variety

My plan for the not so distant future: play and update on the Resident Evil games, take some time off when my son is due in April, take up Raise Up and Burn and finish the 2nd round of self-edits and have it edited by someone else afterward, then begin work on my next project while I’m waiting for Raise to either marinate or spoil. I want Raise finished by 2021, and if I really kick ass then have the rough draft of my next project done by then as well. Time reveals all.

Hope 2020 is treating you well. Remember, if it’s not, you have to make it. You can, if you want. Until next time, be good.

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