M-m-m-my Corona! (Politics Post #0)

Greetings from the partially-quarantined. How’s the social distancing? (I hate that term. It’s snobby, like a disdainful choice we’ve made instead of a necessity for the good of our communities. I’ve been trying to come up with something better. Maybe I just don’t like beating around the bush and want to call this what is—partial quarantine.)

I can’t help but think how great this would’ve been if it happened ten to fifteen years ago, when I didn’t have a family to worry about and my diet was mostly alcohol, cigarettes and video games. Quarantine was something I just did for fun on the weekend.

Anyway, this all sucks. It’s scary. But, it’s okay to be scared. Fear is okay, just be sure to shift back to neutral before the gear grinds into panic/anxiety. If you’re having a rough go of it, let me help.

The changes to infrastructure and daily life are nearly as scary as the virus, if not more so. Stock market plummeting, mass closures. The writing on the wall from countries like Italy, who’s boat we can expect to hop on into in somewhere around 10 days or so. Things will get worse, but they’re far from hopeless.

This will get as bad as we let them get. Everyone’s got to do their part. Be clean, quarantine. Most of you that read this are on the level. I don’t want to regurgitate information we’ve all seen. Having said that, its important to sift through all the information on social media. Stay informed, and be vigilant in fact checking. Don’t downplay what’s happening out of denial and/or fear. Its easy to post things that support downplaying the outbreak because it makes us feel better. And if you know people that are in denial, spread the word. Gently. With tensions rising, you don’t want to come off as an asshat changing someone’s mind, because you won’t change it that way.

So yes, serious. But the jokes are important, not to diminish the lives of those taken or deeply affected by the virus, but to raise a firm middle finger to the fear the virus causes. Because fuck you Covid-19. I refuse to let panic win. It’s bullshit. If we let this thing take away our sense of humor, our humanity, we’re screwed.

Now’s the time for books, tv, and movies. We’ve been on a Mindhunter kick here. While it may be a little dark for these times, it’s also an absorbing distraction because it doesn’t have anything to do with virus stuff. The show charts the semi-fictional formation of profiling in the FBI. It’s a lot like they took the best moments of Silence of the Lambs, where Clarice is talking to Hannibal and all the tension comes from being in the room with a manipulative monster, and made a TV show out of it. It’s disturbing, yet addicting. Thought provoking for sure.

I’m still reading Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. This book is a deeply pessimistic non-fiction take on the horror of human consciousness and pointless nature of humanity. It’s a tough read, and would be even in non-virus times. I suppose I’m reading it to challenge my sense of purpose. Because I believe in humanity and hope and love and some reason for everything. And to fight for all those things, I want to know how the other side thinks.

A lot of us are faced with something we’ve never seen before. And that’s okay. That’s what happens. Things will change. Things will get worse. Then they’ll get better. Don’t lose hope. Hope will get us all through. As long as we’ve got hope, we’ve got fight left in us. Let’s beat this thing into submission. Do our part. Stay informed, inform others. Be clean and quarantine.

And as always, be good. I’ll come around again soon.

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