Damn emotion explodes

Fear and fire like a fist

Punch into

A melancholy homecoming,

(Melancholy is my home)

Where the shadowmen prey

In familiar corners

That shun light

engulfing even the whirling flames

Of Mac Miller Amy Winehouse Kurt Cobain Scott Weiland Janis Joplin Chris Cornell Jimi Hendrix John Bonham Shannon Hoon

and an infinite army of burning angels that could not beat the demon

Though they did try.

“They failed God” say the self righteous and smug, say those who never suffocated a monster in the dark.

What does it say about me,

that the fallen are my heroes

as much as

Chris Mansfield and Macklemore,

Ozzy Osbourne and Stephen King?

That I respect an influx of chemicals?

Of misfiring neurons?

A conflation of romance and death?

No, I believe not.

The battle is, won or lost

to reclaim the soul,

to pummel the shadows,

Slow fist after slow fist

in the waning light, despite the

haunting knowledge that

The demon is forever

A drink away.

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