Play On

Sit down, take a load off.

Let’s talk old times

Let’s talk Eddie and Kurt.

So, who did it better?

Ha, well Ed had the beauty

“I am Mine” and such.

And Kurt,

he had a shotgun to the face.

Which I used to think was beautiful,

But these days days I’m not so sure.

Ligotti and the like

Will tell you Kurt got it right.

See, I like talking old times,

The older I grow—

I’m afraid—

That for all his beauty

Ed got it wrong.

And the in-between,

Isn’t mine.

I guess Kurt knows the answer.

Or, he knows nothing.

And if Ligotti speaks truth,

the answer and nothing

are one and the same.

I guess what I’m saying is,

if Hope is a disease

I’ve already caught it,

And I’m contagious.

I know I was born and I know that I’ll die

The in-between is mine

Pearl Jam

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